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Grand Opening at Homewood Shopping Center

web_wpFriday, October 28th in Homewood Shopping Center
2465 Jefferson Rd
Grand Opening at 3:00p
Celebration and Annual Meeting at 8:00p

Free I.T.’s last day open on Winston Drive was last Friday. Community supporters from as far as Augusta came by to congratulate us (and squeeze in a little shopping and tech support, of course!).

Over the weekend, a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers did some heavy lifting and moved all of our stuff into the Homewood space. It was bitter sweet to see the Winston warehouse so empty, but there is no time to waste on nostalgia because Free I.T. Athens has a grand opening to prepare for!

The store, tech support, and donation intake will be open for the first time in the Homewood Shopping Center on Friday, October 28th at 3:00p.

After a (finger crossed) a successful first day, we will celebrate at 8:00p. This is Free I.T.’s annual meeting where staff members elect board members for the next term, but it’s also an opportunity to honor all the volunteers who work to bring Free I.T’s vision to fruition. Plus, there will be food!

If you’re the social media type, there is a Facebook event for both the grand opening and the annual meeting.

Help get the word out!

As Free I.T. volunteers know, it can be challenging for an all-volunteer organization to communicate with the community effectively. We want to ensure everyone who needs technical assistance or has computers to recycle knows about the move.

If you’re able, download one of our grand opening announcement fliers and share with your family, coworkers, and friends. We have both full and handout sized in color and black and white. Check them out!

Full page color | full page black and white | handout color | handout black and white

As always, if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at

See you at Homewood Shopping Center!

Important Moving Update

Moving Update

As you might have noticed, Free I.T. is planning a move to Homewood Hills shopping center! Here’s everything you need to know:

Hours will continue normally at the current location (160 Winston Dr.) through Friday, October 14th.
That Friday will be that last day to donate, shop, or get tech support for two weeks, so if you’ve been meaning to come by and pick up one of our sale monitors, do it quick!

Donations, sales, and tech support will resume on Friday, October 28th!
That Friday will be our grand opening in the Homewood Hills Shopping Center (2465 Jefferson Rd.).

The big move is going down on the weekend of the 15th and 16th.
If you’re a current volunteer and want to help out, email for more information.

Volunteer hours will remain the same (sort of).
For those that have been to orientation and signed the liability waiver, volunteer hours will remain the same, but will be held at Homewood Hills starting on Wednesday, October 19th. We might not have our time clock system up yet, but there will be a paper system in place so you are credited for all your hours. No worries there!

Want to help out but haven’t volunteered before?
Meet us in the Homewood Hills location on Tuesday, October 18th at 6:30p! We’ll be hosting the very first new-volunteer orientation at the new location then.

This year’s annual meeting will be held Friday, October 26th at 8p in Homewood Hills.
Come celebrate a successful move as Free I.T. staff elect board members for the next term. There’s going to be food!

We’ve been posting pictures of our progress to social media, so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter! As always, if you have any questions, send them over to


Monitor Sale

MONITOR MADNESS! Free I.T. Athens still has A TON of monitors, so the monitor sale has been extended. Monitors 19″ and below are now $10 off! Get a monitor for as little as $10 bucks on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday until Monitor Madness ends.

monitor sale at free i.t. athens
$10 off monitors 19″ and below!

Come to Free I.T. Athens Wednesday between 6p and 8p, Friday between 3p and 7p, or Sunday 1p and 5p to pick up your monitor (19″ or smaller) and get $10 off.

Looking for a monitor project? Here are some fun ones we found floating around the interwebs:

Don’t forget to share snapshots of how you use your refurbished monitors on the Free I.T. Athens Facebook page or tag @FreeITAthens on Twitter.