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Years ago, Joel (all around FRITA superhero) wrote to the hosts of the Stuff You Should Know podcast. His letter was about ewaste and the work volunteers do at Free I.T. Athens, and it resulted in a really neat shout-out on the popular podcast based in Atlanta.

Late last month Stuff You Know did an update to a previous recycling episode. Guess which nonprofit is mentioned in the discussion on ewaste? Free I.T. Athens!

Check out “Recycling Update: How’s It Going?” to learn about the world of recycling and give yourself a little cheer for supporting your community when Josh and Chuck mention Free I.T. Athens.

“Recycling Update: How’s It Going?” episode page | direct mp3 download

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P.S. Thanks to everyone who shared, sent messages about, or came by the workspace to give some encouragement about the last post. We all very much appreciate it!

Stolen Trailer

Bad news: a few weeks ago the Free I.T. Athens trailer was stolen from behind The Office in the Homewood Hills Shopping Center. Volunteers have filed a police report. The trailer’s VIN is on record as stolen, but we haven’t had any updates since then.

KingAmerican 6x12 001
This is a picture taken of the same brand and size of trailer taken back in 2011 when volunteers were doing comparison shopping. Unfortunately, there is no signage designating the stolen trailer as Free I.T. Athens owned.

The trailer was purchased in 2011 and we used it to pick up large donations from local businesses and as a little bit of extra storage space. When the trailer disappeared, there were several hundred dollars of computer equipment we had set aside for our community grant program.

Please reach out to us if you hear of anything or see a White 6 x 12 King American with an Athens-Clarke County Tag TS14X44.

Free I.T. Athens is a group of passionate volunteers running this nonprofit on a shoestring budget. We all just want the trailer back so we can keep using it to serve the community.

Hoping for better news next time,

Free I.T. Athens at The Circle of Hope

I’m so pleased to share that Free I.T. Athens and fellow community tech nonprofits will be speaking at this year’s Hackers on Planet Earth (HOPE) conference! Hope is an incredible event held every two years in NYC with an engaging list of speakers, fascinating hackerspaces, and lots and lots of mate.

Even though the event is out of state, you can still participate because all the talks are streamed live! Check out Hope’s website to digitally pop in and catch a speaker.

Representatives from Free Geek Mothership, Free Geek Toronto, Free Geek Arkansas, and Free I.T. Athens will come together on Sunday, July 22nd at 11a in the Booth room to chat about technology and community.



Fourth of July

Free I.T. Athens will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 to observe Independence Day.

Friday hours on July 6th will continue as normal. Happy holidays!

July 4th 2018

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