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Common Symptoms

  •     Boot fails at busybox prompt
  •     Wireless does not work
  •     Panels or their icons are scrambled
  •     Panels do not appear
  •     Computer freezes
  •     Computer spontaneously reboots
  •     Unable to play movies/DVDs

Common Problems

  •     Web site requires Internet Explorer
  •     Linux Mint 13 (XFCE) Window Management/Decoration Failure
  •     Recovery Mode Password Token Manipulation Error
  •     Forgotten Password
  •     Failing hard drive
  •     Corrupted file system
  •     Wireless switch turned off
  •     NetworkManager disabled
  •     Firmware required
  •     Buggy 3D acceleration
  •     Memory errors


  •     Reset Password
  •     Getting DVD Playback Working in Linux Mint 13+ and Ubuntu 12.04+
  •     Restore Gnome Panel
  •     Install (codex-rich) Movie Player
  •     Frita Current Rescue Media

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