Monitor Sale

MONITOR MADNESS! Free I.T. Athens still has A TON of monitors, so the monitor sale has been extended. Monitors 19″ and below are now $10 off! Get a monitor for as little as $10 bucks on Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday until Monitor Madness ends.

monitor sale at free i.t. athens
$10 off monitors 19″ and below!

Come to Free I.T. Athens Wednesday between 6p and 8p, Friday between 3p and 7p, or Sunday 1p and 5p to pick up your monitor (19″ or smaller) and get $10 off.

Looking for a monitor project? Here are some fun ones we found floating around the interwebs:

Don’t forget to share snapshots of how you use your refurbished monitors on the Free I.T. Athens Facebook page or tag @FreeITAthens on Twitter.

VirtualBox Presentation

FRITA Noob*-Hour:  VirtualBox
Wed., 3 Aug, 7-7:45 PM, Free IT Athens

Ever wanted to …learn more about GNU/Linux without worrying about breaking your system?  …try out a new distro, but didn’t have a computer you could install it on?  …keep an old version of an OS (free only, of course!) around for an old, beloved program?  VirtualBox can help!  VirtualBox ( is free, open source software that allows you to create virtual computers that will run inside your regular computer’s operating system.  In this presentation, you will learn the very basics of using VirtualBox to create your own virtual computers.

* Noob is nerd-speak for someone very new to a subject.  It is an abbreviated version of the word “newbie”.  It can be spelled in many creative ways, such as:  n00b, |\|o06, etc.  It is a neutral term, not generally pejorative, and often used affectionately.

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