About Us

History and Impact

Founded in 2005, Free I.T. Athens is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reclaimed and refurbished technology, as well as educational opportunities, to those in need. We are advocates for free software and free technology. Arguably Athens’s oldest technology nonprofit, Free I.T. Athens combines the power of community collaboration, free software, and rescued technology, and changes lives and the environment for the better. Since its founding, Free I.T. Athens has responsibly rescued more than 100 tons of unusable equipment from landfills, and distributed more than 2,000 refurbished computers to individuals, community groups, start-ups, churches, and nonprofits in Cameroon, El Salvador, Peru and the United States.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advocate for free software, reduce the negative impact of ewaste, and eliminate digital inequality.

Our vision is to strengthen community by fostering equal access to education, skills, information, and services through the combination of free software, and technology re-use and recycling.

Board of Directors

Charlie Coile paulPaul Walker shawnShawn Henson
mikaMika Broocks ninaNina Broocks Kris Lamoureux
Andrew Lancaster


  • Charlie Coile, President
  • Mika Broocks, Vice President and Secretary
  • Paul Walker, Treasurer


staff7Matt kofiKofi Matthew
Sandy krisKris scottScott
tinaTina charlieCharlie shawnShawn
mikaMika ninaNina Gregory
Andrew Raj Merri
Jose Ian Emory

Board Member Alumni: Brent Buice, Erika Lee, Lara Guidry, Anthony Hamlet, Shelby Funk, Kyle Krafka, Clint Ricker, Charles Leggett, Semmy Purewal, Rachel Rotz, Drew Worthey, Brian Pitts, Natania Joiner, John Carver, Ed Beaudoin, Michael Tillotson, Patrick Crouch, Ryan Hague, Brendan Beal, Arindam Lahiri, John Ingersoll, Joellen Steffen, John Ingersoll, Claude Ray, Luke Ferguson, Joel Izlar, Matt Billings, Scott Long, Jon Smith, Matthew Vanderkoi

Staff Member Alumni: Michael Moore, Michael Luchtan, Semmy Purewal, Charles Leggett, David Siegel, Matt Guidry, Stuart Freeman, Rua Mordecai, Angel Brown, Shawn Riley, John Von Hollen, Mike Hawe, Mark Huguet, Anthony Hamlet, Timothy Preston, Justin Will, Patrick Graham, Charles James, Rachel Rotz, Stephen Joiner, Mark Williams, Brent Buckner, Zoe-Gabrielle Miroy, Michael Henley, Seth Brown, David Millard, David Blackmon, Tevin Towler, Brian Pitts, Natania Joiner, Drew Worthey, John Carver, Cheyne Hammett, Michael Tillotson, Arindam Lahiri, Dave Giles, Patrick Crouch, Ryan Hague, Rob Blackburn, Branson Smock, John Ingersoll, Joellen Steffen, Bella, Nance Daniels, Jake Hayes, Christian Byrne, Claude Ray, Carol Mullins, Joel Izlar, Luke Ferguson, William Lethridge, Patrick Cox, Rish Dewan, Robert Harris

More Information

For more information, watch this brief documentary about the organization with extended interviews.

Free I.T. Athens is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
EIN 27-2381518.