Free I.T. Athens Videos up on YouTube

This week one of our behind-the-scenes-projects is tidying up the Free I.T. Athens YouTube page so volunteers can more effectively provide information to the community. While we’re working on new videos and tutorials, I thought I’d give you a digital tour of what you can find there already.

Free Software Tutorials

Well, one tutorial anyway. Today we uploaded our very first free software tutorial, covering the basics of LibreOffice Writer. This handy word processor comes with all the computers at Free I.T. This video covers the very basics of how to use it.

We want to put together tutorials that YOU find useful! Let us know what kind of videos you’d like to see Free I.T. Athens make by leaving a comment on the Free I.T. Facebook page, tweeting us @FreeITAthens, or emailing us at

N00b Hour

Once a month, Lachele puts on a presentation/discussion session we call “Noob Hour.” These workshops are typically held on the first Wednesday of the month which happens to be the same day CHUGALUG meets. The idea is that you can attend a Noob Hour and learn about a topic and then stick around for a deep dive with other GNU/Linux geeks at the CHUGALUG meeting. So far we have three Noob Hour recordings with a fourth one on the way.

Check out for more information about this great group.

Free I.T.’s History

This 2010 recording provides a wonderful look at how Free I.T. Athens got its start back in 2005.

SouthEast Linux Fest Presentations

Every now and then, Free I.T. Athens volunteers travel to the SouthEast Linux Fest to discuss current projects and future plans. Check them out!

Joel on Digital Justice

Semmy and Brian on Building Community-based Technology Centers

Empowering Digital Citizens

I know I said this up top, but I can’t stress it enough: Free I.T. Athens wants to provide you with the digital and tech information you need most right now. Let us know what workshops and videos you’d like to see by emailing us at, posting a comment on YouTube or Facebook page, or Tweeting us at @FreeITAthens.

Happy learning,