Volunteer Manual Updates

manual cover
Click the picture to view the newest Free I.T. Athens Volunteer Manual!

The volunteer manual was badly in need of an update, so volunteers dusted it off and fixed it up. We’re proud to say it’s finished!

In the manual you’ll find all sorts of useful tid bits, such as:

  • information about FRITA’s mission of bridging the digital divide, reducing the negative impact of ewaste, and advocating for free software
  • a sneak peak of some of the many ways new volunteers can pitch in during open hours
  • a list of volunteer perks, such as taking home a free laptop for meeting volunteer milestones!
  • copies of important forms, documents, and policies

Click here to view the newest version of the Free I.T. Athens Volunteer Manual!

Is there any information you would like to see in the next update of the Volunteer Manual? Let us know by sending an email, tweeting @freeitathens, or leaving a comment on FaceBook.