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Volunteer Manual Updates

manual cover
Click the picture to view the newest Free I.T. Athens Volunteer Manual!

The volunteer manual was badly in need of an update, so volunteers dusted it off and fixed it up. We’re proud to say it’s finished!

In the manual you’ll find all sorts of useful tid bits, such as:

  • information about FRITA’s mission of bridging the digital divide, reducing the negative impact of ewaste, and advocating for free software
  • a sneak peak of some of the many ways new volunteers can pitch in during open hours
  • a list of volunteer perks, such as taking home a free laptop for meeting volunteer milestones!
  • copies of important forms, documents, and policies

Click here to view the newest version of the Free I.T. Athens Volunteer Manual!

Is there any information you would like to see in the next update of the Volunteer Manual? Let us know by sending an email, tweeting @freeitathens, or leaving a comment on FaceBook.


New Board Elected at Annual Meeting

For those of you who missed it, annual meeting 2017 was a success! The board for the upcoming term will be Nina, Mika, Shawn, Kris, Jon, and Charlie.

The meeting was more than just boring votes though (we actually almost forgot to vote altogether!). It was a chance to set aside the screw drivers and thermal paste tubes to look around and thank some hardworking folks.

Click here or on the image below to see the 2017 Annual Meeting Presentation!

Annual Meeting Slide Show Cover 2017

Time to get back to bridging the digital divide, reducing the negative impact of ewaste, and advocating for free software. Come visit us in the workspace soon!


Annual Meeting + Celebration

Join us at the workspace! Friday, November 3rd @ 7:30pm

Annual MeetingOnce a year, Free I.T. staff get together to elect new board members. Turns out, it’s a great excuse to grab some pizza and celebrate another successful year of FRITA!

Hop on over to the Facebook event page and let us know you’re coming. See you there!



N00b Hour: Upgrading and Installing Software

Wednesday, April 19th @ 7p!

This month’s N00b hour is all about software! We’ll start with the basics of upgrading the existing software (packages) on your Linux computer by using its package manager.  Then, we’ll look at ways to find and install new software for it.  Next, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of using packages not provided by your operating system.  Finally, we’ll very briefly learn that it is possible to install software without using your operating system’s package manager.

This workshop is free and open to the public. Don’t forget that you can see previous N00b Hours on the Free I.T. Athens YouTube page.